The Best Transcription Jobs (and How to Get Hired)

Transcription jobs are a great place to start your work from home journey because they typically require little to no experience and pay better than some other at-home earning opportunities. 

Transcription is a business service that converts spoken words to written or electronic text. If you do not yet have any transcription experience, then you should look at these companies. They all hire individuals with no transcription experience.

Transcribe me is one of the most popular sites due to its high-paying opportunities and low barriers to entry. Transcriptionists do not need previous experience to sign up on this site and typically earn $15-22 per audio hour. The average monthly earnings on this site are $250; however, some people make as much as $2,200 per month.


CastingWords requires that applicants be 18 years or older and is a popular site as it has a very flexible work schedule. Applicants must be in one of their supporting countries or the United States.


Aberdeen hires transcribers in both English and Spanish, as well as some other foreign languages. Candidates must prove that they can type at least 45 words per minute or faster, and their files are typically video files that need to be transcribed. The pay at Aberdeen starts at $12 per hour.


BabbleType is another of our favorites that do not require any previous experience to join. However, to be approved on this website, transcriptionists must watch a short video and pass a test. The test is designed to help users prove that they have good computer and internet skills as well as typing skills.


Go Transcript transcriptionists must have strong English skills and can work from anywhere in the world. A stipulation that sets this company apart is that for every 10 minutes of video you transcribe, you have 10 hours to complete the work. The average earnings per month of a transcriptionist are $150.

Go Transcript