10 Traumatic Disadvantages of Being a Man, Ranked

As I was scrolling the front page of the internet, I came across an interesting post. Someone asked, “What are some disadvantages of being a man?” Here are the top-voted responses.

“Hair. Too much at the wrong places, too little in the right ones,” said a user. “Why does hair grow on the bum? Why? Why not somewhere else?” asked another.

Hair Issues

“Sometimes I just want a hug and a cry, but get weird looks if I ask my friends,” a Redditor admitted. “I find myself shedding singular tears in movies because I'm so used to holding everything else in. Small things break me down,” another confessed.

Expected Not to Cry

They elaborated, “I mean, look at what Will Smith did to Chris Rock after he made a single joke about female baldness… I have been at the center of more jokes than I can count, and when you tell someone to stop it and get angry over it, you once again get told to accept it.”


“If you are a victim of domestic violence, people won't take it seriously. People don't think that women can be vicious,” said one commenter. Sadly, several others had stories like, “I went through this.”

Domestic Violence Victims

“Lack of physical touch when single. I think the last proper hug I received was around six years ago,” one user admitted. Another stated, “That's why I always give hugs to my bros.”

Need for Physical Touch

“There is like societal pressure as a straight man to be the one who goes after a woman, and there is a lot of rejection that goes along with that,” one Redditor said.

Initiating Romance

ImaginationLivefasd confessed, “Being the sole man in the office, I'm expected to lift large objects while looking buff while having noodle arms. It's never mentioned that Angela regularly works out and can lift five times as much weight as I can.”

Expected To Do Heavy Lifting

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