Make the Most of Your Solo Travel Nights with These 5 Must-Do Activities reported seeing solo travel double, but Google’s data suggests the number is much higher. An analysis of Google trends found solo travel to be up 761.15%. 

But it doesn’t mean traveling alone, especially as a woman, is any less dangerous.

While some places are safer than others for women to travel to — Iceland, Finland, Portugal, and Austria top Nomad Capitalist’s list — you still have to figure out the safest ways to spend your time. 

General advice for when you’re traveling alone is to not be outside after dark. Many travelers shared on Reddit that they were usually exhausted anyway by the time the sun went down, so heading back to the hotel didn’t feel like a compromise. 

Head Indoors When It Gets Dark

Other than getting to and from the tour, you’ll be walking around with a group of people led by what should be an expert in the area. You may learn or see something you hadn’t expected. But make sure the tour company is reputable before you book your ticket. 

Take a Haunted Tour

If you’re in London, one Redditor recommends a pub walk if you’re looking for an alcohol-centric activity. But historical and ghost tours, even if you don’t believe in hauntings, are still great options if you want to go out at night. 

According to one person online, when they travel alone, they like to go somewhere that’s going to not only attract a crowd but will have them back in their hotel at a reasonable hour. They opt to see a play or musical, or even a concert. 

See a Play

If you’re a traveler who loves to explore local nightlife, having a local contact and your own dedicated transportation may be a good idea. 

Hire a Dedicated Taxi Driver

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