Origin’s Travel App is Crushing Outdated Travel Concept

Seamless, exclusive, and extraordinary. That's the best description of the custom travel experience from Origin, a revolutionary travel curator startup backed by investors from Uber and Google.

If you're ready to ditch the same old travel concepts, this tech-first company combines local travel curators with machine learning, making each trip more personalized with every excursion.

Origin's travel curators are experts in the art of custom-designed adventures. They can take your vague ideas and turn them into the vacation of your dreams.

Travel Agent vs. Travel Curator

The main difference between a travel agent and a travel curator is that a travel agent typically only books your trip. In contrast, a travel curator takes care of everything, from planning to execution.

A Premium Travel Service App

Origin is an app for custom-designed trips that includes a travel membership connecting you with local experts worldwide, working together to create a unique experience for you.

Forget the stress of planning your trip yourself or dealing with multiple vendors. With Origin, you have one point of contact who will take care of everything – from hotels and restaurants to activities and even covid testing appointments.

How Does Origin Work?

Origin combines the best local travel curators with machine learning to create a more personalized experience with each trip. You provide them with your travel interests, and they take care of the rest.

They have a team of experts who handpick the best hotels and restaurants, as well as the most incredible excursions and activities for each destination.

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