Indulge Your Love for True Crime with These 5 Investigation-Fueled Podcasts 

Good storytelling is one main element that draws listeners to true crime podcasts. Shows like Serial exploded because of how Sarah Koenig told her investigation into Hae Min Lee’s murder, asking our questions out loud and doing what she could to answer them. 

There’s a hangover that comes with finishing Serial, one that only finding a new true crime podcast to get hooked on can fix.

But with the podcast charts full of amazing true crime stories with the same heavy-investigative focus, it can be hard to narrow down what podcast to binge-listen to next.

When Kristin Smart disappeared from a party, Chris Lambert — the host of Your Own Backyard — was only eight-years-old. But today, he’s the man who helped get her murderer convicted.

Your Own Backyard

Episode one, A Face on a Billboard, starts with Lambert flying to Stockton to interview Smart’s parents. The rest of the podcast documents his investigation into Smart’s murder, including a profile of Smart’s now-convicted killer, Paul Flores, and trial recaps.

One Reddit user recommended Bear Brook, which another described as “one of the most influential cases that revolutionized how DNA is used for unsolved cases.”

Bear Brook 

But where the story starts is the podcast’s biggest hook: bodies are found in a barrel in New Hampshire’s bear Brook state park, but with no evidence, the case went cold — until DNA testing evolved.

Led by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gilbert King, Bone Valley covers the case of 18-year-old Michelle Schofield, who was found dead in 1987 in a phosphate pit in Florida. The case is considered closed when her husband, Leo Schofield, is convicted and sentenced to life in prison. 

Bone Valley

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