Are You Ready To Try Career Polygamy?

With record-breaking gas prices, rising inflation, and slowing growth, 2022 is not shaping up to be the rosy recovery year economists predicted.

Of the many money hacks that could help keep your head above water in these rocky times, one method seems to be a no-brainer – get paid your monthly salary twice (or thrice) over.

How exactly? By doing multiple jobs at once. In other words, get “over-employed.”

The trend has been quietly gaining ground during the pandemic. Still, it has only broken out into mainstream conversations on the future of work in recent months.

ResumeBuilder found 69% of surveyed remote employees had a second job in October last year, with 37% holding two full-time jobs.

Scott Belsky, the chief product officer of Adobe who coined “career polygamy,” named it the number one tech trend for 2022.

Most common among software engineers, it is also catching on in finance, media, accounting, sales, and other industries where workers are mostly in front of a screen.

Put simply; you are over-employed when you simultaneously work two or more remote full-time jobs with overlapping hours without either of your employers' knowing.

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