Consider These Turkey Alternatives to Save Money on Thanksgiving

Most Americans look forward to the Thanksgiving holiday since it's a time when they can relax with loved ones. After dinner, where turkey is usually the main attraction.

Historically, there were plenty of turkeys to go around, which helped ensure the bird's prominence at Thanksgiving dinners. This year, some Americans may skip the celebration entirely.

The price of turkey is incredibly high this year, even compared to the 11.2% annual increase in grocery prices published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in its September 2022 Consumer Price Index. Here are a few less expensive alternatives to Turkey that you might consider.

Based on Walmart prices, 8oz of fresh, white mushrooms will cost you $2.08, and your pastry will cost you around $3.78. This alone will cost you just $5.86. Even if you have more guests and need to double up on mushrooms and dough, this will still only cost you $11.72.

Mushroom Wellington

Seitan originated with Chinese Buddhist monks in the 6th Century, so it has a long history as a nutritious meat alternative high in protein but low in saturated fat.

Seitan Roast

Recipe developer and registered dietitian Donna Shields suggests people consider pork, advertised, of course, as “the other white meat.” Shields notes that right now, pork is cheaper than beef and still provides a hearty main dish.


Since the average cost of turkey is anywhere from $1.46 to $1.99 per pound, and whole chicken averages $1.28 per pound, you can save as much as 71 cents per pound. If you buy a 15-pound bird, you're at a savings of over $10.

Roasted Whole Chicken

It could be a cheaper option if you make lasagna without the meat and use vegan cheese instead. This pasta dish has the potential to become the show-stopping main course at your Thanksgiving dinner table if you use the appropriate recipe.

Simple Meatless Lasagna

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