The Best TV Adaptations of Popular Video Games

Ditching the immersive gameplay is hard enough on some players, but recapturing the same story and tone of some games is a feat only a few adaptations are able to accomplish. 

Here are some of the best TV adaptations we’ve seen of fan-favorite video games over the years. 

The Last of Us

As there was always something inherently cinematic about The Last of Us to begin with, it shouldn’t be surprising the game’s premise made for an effective TV show. 


Thankfully, the scope of League of Legends’ pre-existing world afforded the showrunners a greater canvas to paint on, the results giving way to the critical acclaim garnered by Arcane. 


Criticisms heaped on its last few seasons aside, the TV version of Castlevania takes its source material and runs with it towards satisfying new directions. 

The Witcher

The main reason accounting for The Witcher’s unique success was that, unlike most other video games on this list, it was more closely based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s original novel series, rather than the books’ video game counterpart. 

Dota: Dragon’s Blood

The TV series, Dota: Dragon’s Blood, is perhaps geared a little too closely towards fans of Valve’s battle arena video game. But fortunately, it’s still accessible enough for those completely unfamiliar with the series to watch on its own. 


Pokémon has become such a beloved TV series since its debut in 1997, it’s almost hard to believe it’s based on a pre-existing video game. 

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