10 Incredible Must-See Action Thriller TV Shows Like Homeland

The Homeland series follows a bipolar CIA operative who believes al-Qaeda has turned a prisoner of war. Furthermore, they are planning a terrorist attack on American soil.

The internet asked for television series similar to Homeland, and Reddit responded with these comparable shows. 

Set immediately after Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States of America. Two KGB spies posing as an American married couple live in suburban Washington, D.C., and have two children unaware of their parent's true identities.

The Americans

Sleeper Cell follows an American-Muslim FBI agent assigned to be undercover within a group of Islamic extremist terrorists in Los Angeles, California. The cell's charismatic leader poses as a Jew while accepting members from various backgrounds and ethnicities.

Sleeper Cell

Alias is an action thriller following Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner), a double agent for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who is also posing as an operative for SD-6, a worldwide criminal and espionage organization.


Baghdad Central is a British crime thriller in 2003 Iraq, shortly after the ousting of Saddam Hussein. It follows a former police detective Muhsin al-Khafaji who's lost nearly everything and desperately searches for his missing estranged daughter.

Baghdad Central

Deep State is a British television espionage thriller following Max Easton, a former Field Agent for MI6 forced out of retirement by London Chief of MI6/CIA Team, The Section, George White.

Deep State

It follows a young Joe Turner joining the CIA with dreams of invoking reform. However, after discovering a secret plan that puts millions of lives in danger, he's forced into a battle with dangerous elements of the military-industrial complex.


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