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12 Thrilling Shows to Stream and Lose Yourself In

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through Reddit? Fear not; we've compiled a list of TV shows that are so captivating you'll forget all about your addiction.

From gripping dramas to laugh-out-loud comedies, these shows will have you hooked from the very first episode. Say goodbye to Reddit and hello to your new obsession.


It follows the day-to-day grind of dealing with customer service jobs, such as insane bargain shoppers and mind-numbing training sessions.  


Mom is a comedy following a dysfunctional daughter/mother duo who, after having been estranged for years, come together and attempt to pull their lives and relationship together by trying to remain sober and attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Modern Family

It follows the stories of three diverse families overcoming trials and tribulations in Los Angelos, linked by the patriarch Jay Pritchett. 

Parks and Recreation

It showcases the outlandish antics of Pawnee, Indiana's public officials pursuing parks projects to make Pawnee a better place. It's frequently compared to The Office.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a sci-fi horror drama that follows a group of kids in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. The series is set in the 80s and filled with 80s pop culture and music.

Prison Break

Prison Break is a serial drama following the story of two brothers. One is wrongfully incarcerated and sentenced to death for murder. So his brother devises an elaborate plan of going to prison to break his brother out.

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