How to Talk to Your Kids About the War in Ukraine

During World War II, our grandparents huddled around the radio and caught newsreels before the movies. Our parents watched 24-hour news coverage of Desert Storm on CNN.

We witnessed the war in Afghanistan on cable channels and the Internet. Today our children can't help but see and hear more information than ever before about war and global politics.

We want our children to thrive and flourish as they grow into intelligent, hard-working adults. We don’t want them exposed to a negative reality.

But whether we like it or not, they know. War is happening. It's our responsibility to let them know the truth and discuss how to handle it.

Age Difference and Limitations

Though some children can handle more or less information at a time than others, the standard age for them to accept the concept or idea of “war” is as early as age 8.

Eight to Twelve-year-olds can use a map as a visual. They tend to show a lot of interest in the current war with Ukraine, and they should typically have basic knowledge of Social Studies and History from public school.

Middle & High school young adults are capable of learning all they need to know about the war in Ukraine. Keep in mind, that this will vary with children who have special needs.


Children ages 8+ have learned about deaths through history classes and Corona news. Maybe they've had a pet that has died. At this age, kids are old enough to hear and understand death.

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