Underrated Disney Animated Movies and Where to Stream Them

There are plenty of movies that immediately come to mind when you think of the word “Disney.” 

Since 1937, Disney has managed to deliver some of the best, most popular animated movies ever made, releasing a total of 59 movies (soon to be 60 with Encanto) over the course of its 84-year history.

1. The Jungle Book

Out of all the movies on this list, The Jungle Book may actually be the most appropriately rated; not exactly Disney's finest, but not altogether as bad as some of the studio's other, less memorable movies as well

2. The Great Mouse Detective

Basing a movie off the character and using anthropomorphic mice for characters instead of humans, though? Now, that was inspired.

3. Treasure Planet

In a more or less faithful adaptation of the original story, Treasure Planet follows a teenaged Jim Hawkins, who spends his time dreaming about one day leaving the safety of his home planet and traveling the stars.

4. Pocahonta

In 1995, Disney was in the middle of their Renaissance: a period from the late '80s to the end of the '90s in which the studio produce a string of critically and commercially successful movies that renewed audience interest in the company.

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