Unseen Twist-O-Rama:

15 Movies Packed With Mind-Bending Surprises

Are you a fan of films that twist you, turn you, and stun you with their insane plot twists? We got you covered. One movie fan online posted, “I wanna watch a movie with a massive plot twist. Something that makes you go holy cow by the end.”

People responded with these 15 film nominations for insane plot twists.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009)

RandomEffector posted, “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Werner Herzog with the full power of Nicholas Cage at his disposal? This movie rocks!”

Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Ronnyma nominated “Sorry to Bother You. After that, it gets crazy, and boy, oh boy, it never stops!” Watch it on Netflix and Hulu.

The Game (1997)

TyrelUK said, “That's a movie full of plot twists, keeps changing your mind which way it's going.” 

Fracture (2007)

According to Rayhaque, Fracture is “super old and corny by today's standards. But man, that was one insane mind shock back in the day.”

Cabin in the Woods (2011)

StringerStanfield24 wrote, “Cabin in the Woods! Awesome concept, the scale of the movie keeps getting bigger, great movie.” 

Gone Girl (2014)

TommyRobotX commented, “The first time I watched this, I hadn't heard much except it was good. Then, I got to where I thought the ending was a couple of scenes away, only to find out it was only about halfway through.”

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