Ten YouTube Channels That Help You Make Sense of the Economy 

With so much upheaval going on around the world, it's never been more important to get to grips with the macroeconomic forces shaping our daily lives.

Economics knowledge doesn't have to be delivered through a dull textbook by a mild-mannered high school teacher. YouTube has dozens of channels that package highly-relevant insights about how our world works in an entertaining format.

To get smarter about what's happening in our world, check out these top ten economics YouTube channels.

Economics Explained serves up immersive video essays that analyze global trends. The videos take a deep dive by often focusing on a particular country and explaining recent events there from an economic perspective.

Economics Explained

Money & Macro focuses more on the financial system. It explains how inflation, interest rates, and other factors impact the broader economy. The channel has a whole playlist on central banks and some videos that explore the history of how public finance first emerged in Europe.

Money & Macro

As the name suggests, One Minute Economics keeps things short. Most videos unpack one specific concept using everyday examples accompanied by fun cartoon graphics.

One Minute Economics

The channel features in-depth interviews with seasoned economists who are groundbreaking research, especially on inequality and justice. The size of its library is staggering, with almost 1,500 high-production videos.

New Economic Thinking

Clifford's content has evolved and diversified with the platform over the years. His videos now boast the high video production quality characteristic of most top channels. For students in the U.S., Clifford also offers review courses for AP Micro and Macroeconomics.

Jacob Clifford

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