These 12 Films Feature Absolutely Unhinged Female Characters

Are you looking for movies that feature female characters becoming unhinged? One moviegoer is.

In a recent online discussion, they're asking for characters that are “full on lipstick-gun, crash a car, lighter to the tongue, cackle-giggles, lana del rey/billie eilish/taylor swift/melanie martinez, black swan, carrie insane.” Here are the 12 best examples.

Batman Returns

Many agreed that Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selina Kyle/Catwoman in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns was a perfect fit for the criteria.


Possession may offer the most iconic scene of a woman’s madness in film when Isabel Adjani’s character wails and contorts her body in a subway.


The film centers on an author whose car breaks down and is cared for by Annie, a woman one respondent described as “an extreme psycho fan girl.”

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Multiple respondents recommended What Ever Happened to Baby Jane which centers on the titular Baby Jane (Bette Davis) as an adult who psychologically tortures her older paraplegic sister.


In Pearl we see the bright-eyed and hopeful young sociopath’s dreams of stardom dashed, and in X we see the consequences of her being forced to live an ordinary life.  

Infinity Pool

A very recent film also starring Mia Goth, Infinity Pool shows that she may be the current queen of crazy. As one person who recommended Infinity Pool said “anything starring Mia Goth” would be a good fit for what the original poster was looking for.

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