10 Unique Investments You’ve Never Heard of – Until Now

Let's face it. No one likes loss. And just because someone has a large amount of income or net worth doesn't indicate sophisticated investors. It just means they make a lot of money. 

What follows is an introduction to nine unique investment options. Some are only available to accredited investors. Others are available to anyone looking for unique investments for 2022 and beyond. 


FarmTogether offers a low-cost investment opportunity that allows investors to own real land. Land is less subject to inflation and more stable than many other investments. Why? For one thing, we're not making any more of it. The law of supply and demand means it's likely to increase in value. 


Investors make money in two ways – cash flow and capital gains from the sale of a property. The cash flow comes from the rent paid by those operating the farm. Capital gains occur when the farmland sells. 

Fine Wine

The first thing to know about investing in fine wine is that it takes knowledge to understand how to choose the right wines. Vinovest has a team of experts, called sommeliers, who have undergone rigorous training over several years. 

Luxury Watches

We recently discovered a company that takes much of the risk of investing in luxury watches – LuxeStreet, Inc. We're not talking about a $5,000 watch. We're talking about watches with a price range from a minimum of $50,000 up to $1 million.