Immerse Yourself in Wonder:

12 Unique Travel Experiences That Expand Your World

Looking for an experience unlike any other?

Traveling is the key, and some world travelers have shared their once-in-a-lifetime experiences during a recent online discussion.

Seeing a Solar Eclipse

As one person shares, traveling to watch a solar eclipse is “totally worth it.” They add: “For the next one, I could go east, but I might make a Mexico vacation out of it.”


There's a chance most people have some local hiking trails through woods and parks, but that pales in comparison to what can be achieved through traveling.


“I love snorkeling with the manatees in Florida. You just drift around, floating on a pool noodle, and the manatees swim beneath you. The more chill you are, the more likely the manatees will spend time around you,” wrote one traveler.


There is nothing that comes close to the experience of heading into the Savannahs in Kenya, Zimbabwe, or South Africa to experience your first safari.

Rocket Launches

It's not every day that someone has the chance to watch a rocket launch, but if you ever get the chance on your travels, it's a moment of a lifetime.


There's something magical about taking an oceanside vacation and heading out to the sea at night to watch the bioluminescence light up the water.

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