9 Unique Experiences You Can’t Have in Life Without Traveling

While I'm sure there are plenty of exciting things to do locally where you live, sometimes you just can't match the experiences you could have if you travel abroad.

Redditor u/hatsonrats wanted to know about “unique activities that you think are worth traveling for?” Other users in r/travel responded with their unforgettable travel experiences.

“I love snorkeling with the manatees in Florida. You just drift around, floating on a pool noodle, and the manatees swim beneath you. The more chill you are, the more likely the manatees will spend time around you,” wrote u/SapperInTexas.


There is nothing that comes close to the experience of heading into the Savannahs in Kenya, Zimbabwe, or South Africa to experience your first safari. If you don't live in an area of Africa with ample wildlife, you'll have to travel to enjoy a safari.


Space nerds and people who like big, fast vehicles, unite! It's not every day that someone has the chance to watch a rocket launch, but if you ever get the chance on your travels, it's a moment of a lifetime.

Rocket Launches

One great activity is “Kayaking the bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico,” shared u/Dizzy_Impression4702. But there are many locations with gorgeous bioluminescence to explore.


The earth's natural hot tub, a hot spring is the perfect place to relax after a stressful week at work. “I’ll go anywhere for a proper hot spring, especially because I don’t have geothermal areas anywhere even remotely close to me,” wrote u/hot-whisky.

Hot Springs

Have you dreamt of hitting up Coachella in California or New Orleans Jazz Fest, it may be time to book those tickets. Attending music festivals can be an unforgettable experience where fans come together to have a great time in a beautiful new city.

Music Festivals

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