Escape the Ordinary:

5 Unique Ways to See the World

Traveling is always a good idea. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just want to avoid visiting the same places everyone else is, here are five new ways to see the world.

One traveler said that while the Camino trail in Spain is great, there are so many more routes and old Roman roads spread throughout Europe.

Follow European Pilgrimage Routes

They recently used this method to travel through Italy. “Finding towns that were on the old paths,” they explained, “and towns that exist because of the old paths, lead me to some truly incredible experiences.”

The path they used, Via Francigena, connects northern Europe to Rome. Originally, the route was created in the 7th century and was part of a network of trading routes. Later, the road became a main artery that connected religious pilgrims with their final destinations.

Riding a horse on the beach in Ireland is every horseback rider’s dream. But what about castle-hopping around the coast of Ireland by horseback?

Ireland by Horseback

That’s what one traveler did, taking two months to go over 1000 miles, stopping to see castles and towns along the way. If you’re looking for a shorter horseback vacation, places like Ireland Equestrian Tours have week-long excursions.

The route is a hard hike through deserts and mountains, however. Paul Salopek, a National Geographic reporter, had to “bury geotagged caches of water” as he walked.

Hike The Silk Road

One man traveled the Silk Road from China to Damascus, either hiking by foot or hitchhiking to follow the route. Another picked up the Silk Road in Turkey and, as she traveled through Turkey, Iran, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan, she not only walked but also traveled by minibus, hot air balloon, motorbike, horseback, and boat.

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