10 Most Unpopular Opinions of Star Wars That Made Fans Angry

We can all agree that Star Wars is a beloved movie series known by the masses. However, we can also agree that there are quite a few Rebels out there who don't agree with the Empire's construction.

So here are the most popular, unpopular opinions about the Star Wars franchise, according to Reddit.

One Redditor said, “The Phantom Menace restarted the Star Wars franchise once pulled from George Lucas's maniacal hands. Had The Phantom Menace been another Ewoks fantasy, the whole franchise would have died, and the subsequent movies never made.”

The Phantom Menace Is the Best Star Wars Film

BlazingTommy exclaimed, “Empire Strikes Back is flawless; you can't change my mind. Also, the Last Jedi is at the bottom of them all, IMO.”

The Last Jedi Is One of the Best Star Wars Movie

Reddit user u/Kilo_616 stated, “By new ones, I mean the Disney ones. They aren't bad as movies, with incredible CGI and beautiful sets. They scream quality. But as Star Wars movies? Not so much. They don't feel like Star Wars movies. Maybe it's just me.” 

The Newer Star Wars Movies Aren't That Bad

User u/Super_Army_9853 posted, “I know you're not going to like it, but it's been over 30 years, and the best we get for expansion is the cartoon. I think that they should remake the original Star Wars into a series or new movies.” 

Star Wars- They Should Remake Episodes 4, 5 and 6

Sweetcynic posted, “Blowing up Alderaan wasn't exactly benevolent and such behavior is ultimately self-defeating.” The_frisky_dodo replied, “They were right for Alderaan reasons!” 

The Empire Was a More Effective Government Than the Republic

Debtopramenschultz  posted, “At the very least, they should stop milking the original trilogy and characters. Knights of the Old Republic would be a perfect way to freshen up the franchise.”

Star Wars Needs a 10-20 Year Break

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