12 Items People Say They’ll Stuff in Their End of The World “Bug Out” Bags

There are countless reasons why the world (or America) could fall suddenly into all-out chaos. Economic collapse. Electric grid attack. Nuclear attack. Invasion by foreign forces. Do I need to go on? 

What will you have in your bug-out bag when it does (not if, but when)? Because a couple of Pop-Tarts and a bottle of Evian aren't going to cut it. Take notes from these well-equipped practitioners of the worst-case scenario. 


Keeping a cut or wound clean will say your life in a post-apocalyptic scenario. Make sure you have a bottle or some wipes stashed in your bag. 


People claim candy would be on the first of their minds to be stuffed into their bug out bags. Twizzlers, chocolates, gummy's — what fun is the end of the world without a sweet treat. 

A Harmonica

If you have room, toss the banjo in the bag, too. If we're going to suffer, we may as well make our own soundtrack, right? 


Specifically, hoses that can serve as siphons for both water and gasoline. Does this indicate that these preppers might be siphoning fuel or water from someone else's stash? Perhaps. 

Dental Floss

They keep the dental floss to remove food from their teeth even in the most dire of times. Just because the world is in the crapper doesn't mean your dental hygiene has to be, too. 


A prepper notes that they also keep a book full of useful addresses. If the grid goes down, GPS no longer works, and you can't access your phone, ensure you have physical alternatives. 

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