Upcycle Closet Clutter:

How To Make Amazing Home Decor From Your Old Stuff

Repurposed home decor will reflect your unique personality and may remind you of a fond memory or a special moment. Frame a favorite concert t-shirt and hang it on the wall or reuse an old jean jacket to cover a chair seat.

Upcycle a tote bag by propping it beside your reading chair and filling it with magazines and novels.

That old stuff takes up needed space in your closet, and it would be wasteful to throw it out. Create something great. The list of items you can upcycle into home decor is endless.

Ordinary brown or black belts can be made into handles for boxes and trays. Colorful belts can be glued around a vase or old tea kettle to create flower containers. A flexible braided belt makes an excellent curtain tieback.


Rainboots make great planters, or hang them on a door as part of a wreath. Fancy cowboy boots make unique umbrella stands or magazine holders. Fill a pair of work boots with rocks and faux succulents.


Fill a purse with flowers and hang it on the front door as a wreath or set a large tote bag beside your favorite reading chair and fill it with magazines and novels. Upcycling only sometimes involves recreating an item.


Remove the sleeves from a sweater, pull them over a couple of terra cotta pots, and recover a pillow with the body of the sweater. Wrapping plastic pumpkins with sweater material is a quick DIY.


Wrap a seasonal scarf around a foam wreath form or a grapevine wreath. Tie several scarves together to make a garland. Make wall art by wrapping a scarf around a canvas board.


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