Here’s How Often You Should Actually Be Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a real-time platform giving you the unique opportunity to showcase your accomplishments and personal brand to a broad audience.

Your career shouldn’t be static, and neither should your LinkedIn profile. You have the opportunity to grow and develop every single day, and your profile should evolve with you on your journey.

As stated in a LinkedIn article, “Your LinkedIn profile is a professional landing page for you to manage your brand.”

You will want to highlight the experiences that have allowed you to reach this place in your career and give your audience a sense of where you are going.

Many experts agree that your LinkedIn profile should reflect who you are now. You may be working on new projects, doing meaningful community-driven volunteer work, or adding a certification or skill.

How Often Should I Update My LinkedIn Profile?

All your experience paints a portrait of who you are and allows you to engage with your audience authentically.

Updating your LinkedIn profile at least once per quarter is necessary to keep track of critical projects; if you wait longer, they may be easily forgotten.

I recommend reviewing your profile at least monthly to make any necessary tweaks.

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