The 5 US Cities That Renters Never Leave

The running streak of 124 straight months of rising American home prices has ended, with the past several months showing a steady decline.

Median monthly rent, which spiked after many cities’ Covid moratoriums expired, has also leveled off to the lowest median rental price in 12 months.

While most renters are looking to own someday, there are a few cities where data reveals a large number of renters who refuse to let go of their leases.

New York outpaces its competition in the rent-and-hold market by a city mile. With more than 415,000 long-term renters, NYC outnumbers the next-highest American city by a factor of 5.

New York

Los Angeles, the second-most populous US city, once again rivals its cousin, New York. More than 82,000 people have had an LA apartment to call home for over 22 years.

Los Angeles

Like every other city on the list, Chicago is a place that many choose to stay for much of their lives, but not nearly as many manage to purchase a home.


The city houses 25,000 long-term renters, more than twice as many as more populous cities like Houston or Phoenix.

San Francisco

It is a densely packed population hub where many come seeking employment opportunities and a great place to live, but few can successfully find the right time to buy.


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