8 Useless Pieces of Advice from Older Generations You Should Forget

A lot of advice espoused by the older generations is pretty outdated. The world changes at a brisk pace nowadays, but many people are still stuck in the past.

Redditor u/LostMediaHoarder took to the subreddit r/WhitePeopleTwitter to ask people's opinions on this tweet by @marykatbow: “What's a piece of advice that old people like to give that is absolutely useless in 2023?”

Other Redditors flooded the thread with their answers.

One Redditor shared that their father-in-law told them to make cold calls or “drop off donuts at the places [they] wanted to work.” When they asked him if they could bring donuts to his office, apparently he said: “Well, no security would stop you.”

Make Unique Cold Calls

The idea that you can get any job you apply for has other Redditors riled. According to u/aathey85, their dad “insists that if you show up repeatedly, unannounced, in person that you can land any job regardless of your qualifications.”

Getting a Job Is Simple if You Keep Showing Up

“Any time I tell my dad I'm going somewhere he asks what way I'm going, then I have three seconds to come up with a plausible road or he'll start telling me in great detail which way to go.”

Don't Use Google Maps

“‘Study hard, get a degree, get a job with a good company, work hard for them, and stay until retirement…'” Yeah, that didn't work for me back in the 1980s. Why the f*** would it work now?”

Work Hard and You Will Succeed

u/SixthLegionVI agreed that this advice sucks: “Lol. I had a hard time making a student loan payment in my early 20s. Went right into the chase to let them know, and they may as well have said, ‘lol f*** you.'”

If You Pay Only a Small Portion of Your Bill, You'll Be Fine!

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