Vacation at a Ranch Formerly Owned by Val Kilmer’s Family

Looking for a different type of outdoor vacation? Have you ever been to a dude ranch? 

These all-inclusive ranch vacations offer guests the opportunity to enjoy a western ranch experience complete with cowboy activities, horseback riding, and western accommodations. 

Imagine hearing horses galloping in the corral and a gentle breeze rustling through your hair while you look out over an expansive plain in the Arizona sunshine. 

You have just been welcomed to Kay El Bar, a historic guest ranch in Arizona's Wild West, where they offer all-inclusive vacation packages, riding through miles of fields and across mountain ridges. 

The ranch offers an authentic experience for those seeking a true cowboy vacation with its strong Western flavour. 

Val Kilmer's family formerly owned this now-famous ranch from 1967-1971 before being sold to new owners.