Victor Whitmore’s Inspirational Journey from Rags to Riche

Victor Whitmore is a shining example of the American Dream. 

Victor's story shows us the power of ambition and hard work as he continues to thrive despite the odds against him. He is an inspiring reminder that even with humble beginnings, we can all succeed.

His Achievements

Victor Whitmore is the Co-Founder of Precision Equity, a real estate investment company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With over 20 years of commercial real estate experience, Victor is an asset management and investment formulation expert.

He is responsible for implementing and overseeing existing investments, reviewing prospective investments, and monitoring market conditions.

Victor's efforts have seen remarkable success – his firm has purchased nearly 2500 multi-family units, increasing their value by tens of millions. This successful effort can be attributed to his focus on strategically executing one idea: to help those around him out of poverty.

To date, Victor has transacted over $265 million in commercial real estate, leading the day-to-day operations of the management teams and overseeing numerous multi-million dollar renovations.

Now an established entrepreneur in the commercial real estate game, Victor Whitmore has an ambitious goal for his new company, Equity With Purpose – to close $500 million in transactions over the next five years.

His Vision

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