The Complete Guide to Video Game Streaming

Video Game Streaming is a big business these days. Esports have really propelled video gaming to the forefront of pop culture. Esports stars alone can earn more than $4 million.

In recent years the video game streaming market has become overly saturated with everyday players wanting a piece of the action.

Hopefully, this is where this guide to video game streaming can come in handy. Don't get us wrong, it will not solve every issue, but it will serve as a good foundation for starting to stream.

PC Gaming vs. Console Gaming

Without going all PC Snob, we would recommend PC as being the easiest to implement and customize your stream.

On the other hand, a platform like the PlayStation 4, have more straightforward methods of game streaming and are much cheaper overall for the initial hardware.

Webcam or No Webcam?

Humans are social creatures; part of the enjoyment people get watching streams is seeing the reaction of the player as they play the game.

Do not worry if you are not a portrait as the majority of viewers are not searching for Twitch's Next Top Model. They want to find someone engaging to watch.

Mic or No Mic?

This boils down to whether you want to be a commentary based or a silent streamer. People watch both, and it is simply down to personal preference.

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