Virtual Bookkeeping as a Side Hustle

Nearly every business needs bookkeeping services, whether it be the personal bookkeeping of a self-employed person or a larger company.  

However, they can only sometimes afford a full-time on-staff employee, so they turn to freelancers and independent contractors. This allows business owners to spend time doing what they do best—running their company.

This is another side hustle opportunity for those who have the skills to do so or are willing to learn them.

Kate Johnson, the founder of Heritage Business Services in Virginia Beach, VA, left corporate finance life to become a virtual bookkeeper in 2017. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, an MBA from Yale, and a love for numbers, she also needed a business that could fit into her life as a Navy wife and mom to three children.

“This virtual bookkeeping business allows me to leverage my innate abilities and also to have flexibility with and where I do my work,” she states in her online bio.

After answering a finance question in a Facebook group about making extra money as a bookkeeper—and getting lots of requests for more information on how to do it—she created her own Facebook group called the Bookkeeping Side Hustle community.

There are two ways to undertake a bookkeeping side hustle—either being an entrepreneur and starting an independent business or choosing to work for someone else.

How To Start – Entrepreneur vs. Work for Someone Else

“There’s nothing wrong with giving up a little bit of the upside that comes with entrepreneurship to have a good steady book of business that you are doing for someone else,” she shares. “I say that message a lot in my group.” 

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