How To Become a Virtual Receptionist

Technology changed jobs, too, making it easier to perform or allow a person to accomplish more tasks. One example is receptionist jobs; today, many people in this line of work operate remotely as virtual receptionists. 

The virtual receptionist profession is growing globally, facilitated by software and technology. It is a profession attractive to many due to its geographic flexibility. A virtual receptionist works remotely, often at home, an appealing option. 

In addition, technology and software have made it possible for a freelance virtual receptionist to be located far from their client's office. Hence, they are often independent contractors working for a client and 1099. 

What do virtual receptionists do anyway? They fill the role of an onsite office receptionist but from a remote location. The exact role of a virtual receptionist varies depending on the organization they support. 

Tasks Performed by Virtual Receptionist

– Answer and transfer call – Take message – Make calls to customers      and other companie – Respond to e-mail – Answer FAQ – Schedule meetings and      appointment – Maintain client calendar – Make travel arrangements      for business trip – Manage contacts and e-     mail list

If you want to become a virtual receptionist, there are four main areas you need to consider: education and training, office space, equipment and technology, and your resume.