Can’t Afford a Trip To New York City or San Francisco?

Go to Cincinnati Instead

Cincinnati is the largest metro area in Ohio and neighboring Kentucky, and its central Midwest location is within one day's drive for half of all Americans. The airport offers more than 50 non-stop flights on 11 airlines with the lowest airfares in the region.

It's racked up awards such as the 9th Best Metro Area to Visit in Summer and One of the Top Places to Visit in the U.S. by Travel & Leisure magazine. But unlike some of the other destinations on those ‘best of' lists, this urban vacation spot is a fraction of the price of other U.S. cities.

If you've only got a weekend, check out this short list of the most popular things to do in Cincinnati so you can hit the ground running.

Located at Vine St. and 5th, it's considered the epicenter of downtown and the city's prime gathering space. This hub is a can't-miss place for ice skating in the winter or an afternoon hang-out spot during warmer days.

Fountain Square

The country's most extensive collection of Italianate Renaissance architecture is now the new home to a bustling district of shops, top restaurants, the foodie-haven Findlay Market, and craft bars.

Over-the-Rhine District

Learn about the city's German beer-making history before refrigeration by touring the mind-blowing underground caves used by The Cincinnati Brewing company centuries ago.

Underground Tours

A 10-minute walk from downtown is the redeveloped 45-acre riverfront park district. Check out Smale Riverfront Park, Sawyer Point & Yeatman's Cove's world-class playground and spray park.

Explore the Riverfront

One of the riverfront's showstoppers is the Roebling Bridge, a Brooklyn Bridge prototype built just before New York City's iconic landmark. Don't miss the Q.R. code at the base of the bridge for a free audio tour while walking over the Ohio River.

Walk Across the Roebling Bridge to Kentucky

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