Want to Make Money as a Chat Moderator? This New Startup Can Help

If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you probably know what a chat room is. 

These digital spaces allow people to send messages to others using a screen name anonymously. These chat rooms have been an integral part of the web since its inception

Getting to Work

Many streamers make money on Twitch through tips and donations that viewers give them. Streamers with larger audiences often not only make more money, but they need more mods to keep their streams running. 

Launching Sprise

Sprise opened the product up for early access but soon found that the streamers they worked with all wanted different things out of the service. 

The “mod issue,” or how Sprise could provide a way for streamers to pay their mods, quickly morphed into Pally. 

Paying Mods

Finding Streamers

While on a forum called reddit/r/twitch, he found a streamer named JanuaryAndOn who started streaming three years ago post about his pay structure for mods. 

As Sprise accepts more streamer applications for early access, Wong and Boodtama said they are focused less on how many followers the applicants have and more on why they want to use Pally. 

Addressing Chargeback Concern

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