10 Stupid Ways Most People Waste Money

I consider myself to be one of the cheapest people on the planet.

I wear socks until they are threadbare and undies until the elastic is entirely shot. Wasting money physically hurts me. But even the cheapest people on the planet have moments of stark stupidity. And sometimes, that stupidity costs so much money.

Here are the ten ways most Americans and I waste so much money.

At our local Walmart, a bottle of Tide that's good for 96 loads costs $17.94 or 18.6 cents a load. Assuming we do 390 loads (and probably more) of laundry a year, we're spending $72.54 a year, assuming we are not over pouring.

Not Measuring Laundry Detergent

Cutting back our usage by 50% could free up 36 dollars a year; it won't make you rich, but it beats literally “pouring money” down the drain. 

We throw away way too much food. I'm definitely a food lover (Food Network is my jam), so it's hard for me just to view food as a fuel source and eat whatever is in the fridge if I don't actually want to eat it.

Throwing Away Leftover Food

According to Save The Food, an average family of four tosses out over 1500 dollars of food a year. Wow! 

A 24 pack of Bounty at Walmart is $19.88 or 82.8 cents a roll. Ditching paper towels could save nearly $100 a year. Not to mention, it may have a positive impact on the environment. 

Using Too Many Paper Towels

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