Ways How You Can Listen to Music, Get Paid & Have Fun


Times are hard, and everyone loves a little extra cash when prices are rising faster than our monthly salary. 

There are quite a number of platforms that will allow you to get paid to listen to music. Are you ready to get started? Join us as we bring you through our 12 favorites alphabetically! 

How to Make Money Listening to Music

How to Earn: Listen to new music Rate: $5 for 15 tracks Payout: Amazon Gift Cards Availability: Worldwide


We sort of become the experts when it comes to determining whether music can make it before it gets launched. The platform releases new tracks for you to listen to and give your personal feedback.

How to Earn: Review new music Rate: Around $0.05 per song Payout: PayPal Availability: Worldwide


Similar to HitPredictor, Music Xray allows you access to new aspiring artists and music composers. You get paid to listen to music and review them to help these creators get better at their craft.

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