14 Ways Society Could Collapse

The fear of the world ending is more palpable these days than ever; it should be, considering every major civilization collapsed at some point.

As we sleepwalk into oblivion, a recent online forum debated how the human race may end someday. Will we hit self-destruct, or will external factors be significant?


One observer noted that people who live in war zones or high-conflict areas are technically already living in a collapsed society. 


A tech hawk noted that our blind faith in technology is leading us into a progress trap, where the tools we're working with become more advanced than we are. 

Fossil Fuel Dependence

With oil, gas, and coal finite resources, we will one day have no choice but to use more renewables or nuclear power.

Misguided Fiscal Policy

One United States-based commenter expressed that if the government truly cared for its people, it would reduce military spending by at least ten percent and funnel the extra money into programs like universal healthcare and infrastructure spending. 

A Super-Volcano Eruption

Cataclysmic eruptions are the stuff of Hollywood legend, though we may be closer to a volcanic extinction event than we know. And there's no way to predict when an eruption could occur!  

Who Cares?

A fatalistic commenter pointed out that we spend more time prepping for a hypothetical robot uprising while our culture is becoming more and more socially divided. 

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