14 Easy Ways To Make Money

While you could get a part-time job, I will focus on entrepreneurial ventures — side jobs where you control your time and rates.

Instead of working the shifts you're given for a set wage, you'll be your boss, deciding what you do, when, and how much you make.

Whether you're considering starting a side business that could eventually become your full-time job or wants to earn a little extra cash on the weekends, I've got you covered. How will you make more money this year?


If you're great at crafting engaging blog posts or persuasive copy, it's time to improve your writing skills. Writers looking to build up experience may want to start with content sites (though be warned, the pay can be meager) or create a blog.

Make sure your website or blog clearly states that you're available for hire, and share examples of recent projects. If you can't link to projects you did for your employer, mock up some designs on your own time.

Do Graphic or Web Design Work

Develop Websites or Applications

The age-old business advice applies here: Find a problem and solve it. See a plugin that works but not perfectly? Build your improved version. Notice a recurring issue with a WordPress theme? Tweak it to find a fix.

Whether you're keen to start a side business as a portrait photographer, like to capture memories as a wedding photographer, or want to sell your pictures through a stock photography website, earning money as a photographer is a popular side hustle.

Take Photographs

While handwritten envelopes, place cards, and signs are most common for weddings, you may also be able to drum up business from baby showers, birth announcements, and milestone birthday parties.

Offer Calligraphy

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