Need Money? Here are 31 of The Best Weekend Jobs!

The days of working long and hard still exist, but the results don’t go as far when it comes to providing you with the lifestyle you desire. In fact, more and more Americans are living paycheck to paycheck resulting in many asking, “How can I make more money?” 

Whether you're married, single, in college, in between jobs, or simply just bored and want to do something outside of your 9-5, today we will help you identify the best weekend jobs! Put another way, jobs you can do in your spare time on the weekend to make extra money that is flexible!

Delivery Driver

The demand for delivery drives is through the roof when the pandemic happened. In fact, by 2023, there are estimates that 40% of restaurant sales will be done through delivery. Here is how you can capitalize on this and snatch yourself a flexible weekend job delivering!

Instacart Shopper

Similar to delivering food to people, only in this case the food is from a grocery store, an Instacart Shopper is someone who shops for food, checks out, and then delivers it to the person’s home. Instacart shoppers usually make $7-$10 per delivery, with a minimum of $5 and the potential for tips!

Uber or Lyft Driver

Ok, I promise we will get to other weekend job ideas that don’t involve using your car, but just bear with me because it does allow you to be flexible and dictate your own hours when you drive others around! Perhaps the most OG of the best weekend jobs – driving others around in your car – is still one of the top ways to make money on the side of your full-time gig! Rideshare apps get more and more popular by the year!

Wrap Your Car

Ok, perhaps this might be more than just a good weekend job idea – because wrapping your car requires total commitment – but if you qualify, you can make money by turning your card into an advertisement on wheels! Getting paid to do car wrap advertising is a real thing that you can do every day, not just the weekend. The only downside to this is that you must qualify in order to make money wrapping your car. 

Virtual Assistant

Perhaps one of the very best jobs you can do that is flexible – regardless of weekends – is becoming a virtual assistant… and it doesn’t involve your car. Whether it is managing a small business’s menial tasks, organizing executives, scheduling social media posts, writing blog articles, sending emails, or managing books… becoming a virtual assistant is a great weekend job.