Avoid Misinformation With These 10 Well-Researched Podcasts in 2023

Are you tired of the misinformation and obligation to Google everything to ensure it's the truth? You've got company.

Recently someone asked, “What are some of the most well-researched podcasts that you don't have to worry about the validity of the information presented?”

“I am always skeptical about any information being presented to me. In your experience, what are some podcasts that are well-researched and rigorous with their fact-checking?” Here are the top responses.

One user nominated, “Citations Needed, is an entire podcast about checking media for disinformation and astroturfed stories.”

Citations Needed

Another agreed, “Came here to post this. Knowledge Fights‘ hosts are the most trustworthy, ethical, reliable, and intelligent hosts. 700+ shows and still no ads. Love them!”

Knowledge Fight

One person said, “If you want reliable, well-researched investigative journalism from an award-worthy journalist, I'd highly recommend Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald's.

Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald's

Against the Odds (Wondery) is well researched, including first-person commentary from people involved in the event/topic they're covering. The stories they cover are always fascinating and deserving of a listen,” a commenter noted. 

Against the Odds

Radiolab, primarily science, but also other random topics. A personal favorite. Every episode mentioned who worked on fact-checking and their production quality, and how the episodes are structured is just awesome,” one user admitted. 


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