We’re In Love With ‘The Wheel of Time’s Love Storie

It’s no exaggeration to say that longtime fans of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time novel series have been waiting for decades to see a film or TV adaptation of the series.

Thanks to a number of different cogs turning in the right direction at the right moment, Amazon Prime is the avenue through which it finally occurred. 

Opening to overall critical acclaim and high viewership, the second season was approved before the first even aired, showing a commitment on the network’s part to bringing the series to life.

Yet, some of the changes made between book and show are what made it truly great, remaining true to the novels while pushing inclusion and enhancing ***** and gender elements to create something special. 

Modernizing a classic doesn’t always go well, but for Wheel of Time, it’s what makes the series click. All of the glorious world-building of the novels is intact, but by adding new elements to the interpersonal relationships and opening the door to exploring them, the series found its footing right off the bat.

The fight scenes are epic, but the soap opera is what keeps us tuning in.