9 Free Apps

That Pay You To Walk

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You can connect Achievement to MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Google Fit, Garmin, or any other apps.

1. Achievement App

You can also earn additional points by logging into the app, checking weight and blood measurements.

2. Walgreen's Balance Rewards

For every 1000 steps which should be outside your house, you will be rewarded with 0.95 SweatCoins. 

3. Sweatcoin

 In this app, you can earn money by completing tasks. It all depends on the type of task you choose; you can earn from $10 to $100. 

4. Gigwalk

You set a fitness goal for yourself and make a bet on it. If you successfully achieve that goal, you will earn money, but you will lose all your bet money if you fail to achieve that goal.

5. Stepbet

Runtopia is another app that pays not only for walking but also for running and cycling as well. 

6. Runtopia

This app pays you for an outdoor walk only. One can earn 5 coins per day for free users, but if you upgrade at $4.33 per month, you can earn 10 coins a day.

7. Lifecoin

PK Rewards pays you to walk and work out. To earn, you have to open the app and hit the “Start earning” option before your workout. After your workout, you must tap this option once again.

8. PK Coin or PK Rewards

This app is similar to StepBet. Every week you can get a reward of up to $1000, and you have to bet $5 on yourself.

9. Fitpotato