Building Social Capital: 

Gen Z Hobbies You Never Knew Existed

Gen Z stands at a crossroads. They're simultaneously the most entrepreneurial generation and the first to fully exist on social media.

The combination has sparked a shift away from what older generations consider traditional hobbies – jigsaw puzzles, board games, and gardening.

Instead, their hobbies are taking a more social turn. Youth born between 1997–2012 participate in hobbies that can get them social props and build their online influence.

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is the sensation of tingling that runs down your head or spine. Often the feeling is triggered by slow stimulating audio, sights, or touch, resulting in a relaxing and pleasant experience for the receiver.


Rock painting is what it sounds like, applying acrylic paint to rocks. But, despite the simple idea, there are thousands of examples of stunning painted rocks online.

Rock Painting

Imagine a cross between orienteering and Pokémon Go. Geocaching involves searching for secret “treasures” that players hide anywhere on the planet. To take part, players need to download the app from the Geocaching website.


Remember Flat Stanley? Toy voyaging is a variation on the same idea. While it may sound absurd – people sending toys on voyages around the world – many are taking part in this new hobby.

Toy Voyaging

It’s hard to believe that extreme ironing exists, but it does! Extreme ironing competitors take creases seriously. They find the most isolated and often dangerous locations to set up their ironing boards.

Extreme Ironing

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