What Confident Women Tell Themselves When They Don’t Get Their Dream Job

Looking for a new job can be difficult. Filling out all the applications, networking, and interviewing takes time and energy.

It’s not always easy to stay upbeat and positive, especially when you don’t get the job you want. Here are some things you can say to yourself to keep going.

When you’re feeling nervous about job hunting, it’s easy to start questioning yourself. If you’re feeling this way, it’s a good idea to stop and list your strengths.

1. Companies Will Want to Interview and Hire Me.

After you don’t get a job, you may beat yourself up about everything you did wrong instead of thinking about what you did right.

2. That Was Great Practice.

One of the best ways to get a new job is to network. We know that, but so many times, we’re reluctant to ask people for help. Think about it though, if a friend of yours was looking for a job, wouldn’t you be happy to help her? Of course, you would.

3. People Want To Help Me.

When we feel bad, we tell ourselves things like: – I’ll never find anything – It’s hopele

4. The Right Job Will Be Available.

This can be especially true if you’ve been looking for some time or received a few rejections. That can make it difficult to continue to feel confident. Replace those negative thoughts with:

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