What I Learned About Success From Interviewing Wildly Successful People

Whichever way someone chooses to define success, it takes hard work, consistency, and persistence. 

Through my interviews, I discovered many of the celebrities I spoke with had similar characteristics. I began to see patterns in their journey toward success. 

They’re Workaholics

All the entrepreneurs, celebrities, and influencers I interviewed credited working more than 40-hours a week to their success. They live a life of passion and purpose, not one of complacency. 

They Know Exactly What They Want

Diane Franklin believes that success is defined by the habits we establish and figuring out exactly what we want. To succeed, you must define your goal and make a list of what steps you must take to achieve your dream. 

They Respect the Competition

Competition keeps them sharp and on their game. It forces them outside their comfort zone and pushes them to grow in their craft and skill. 

Avoid Saying No

Time permitting, successful actors, writers, and business leaders rarely say no to high-potential opportunities.