What Is “Eve Jobs” Net Worth?


Steve Jobs' youngest child, Eve Jobs, has sought to maintain a quiet profile, but her father will undoubtedly be proud of her for choosing a different path that has propelled her into the public eye.  

Laurene Powell Jobs, an entrepreneur, and philanthropist, is her mother. Eve doesn't get to see much of the billions her father earned as a co-founder of Apple.

With Steve Jobs' death in 2011, most of the wealth, estimated by Forbes to be $20.4 billion, went to Eve's mom, Laurene Powell Jobs. Yet, She’s the heir to one of the most iconic tech legacies in history, and she has, so far, shown that she is up to the challenge.

Eve Jobs studied at Stanford University, where she graduated in 2021. She majored in the intersection of science, technology, and society at college. Reed and Erin are her older siblings, and she has a half-sister named Lisa.

Early Life

Eve Jobs was born in Palo Santo, California, on July 2, 1998. She was able to pursue her passion for equestrian competition on a national level because she attended Florida's Upper Echelon School.

A school that allows students to tailor their timetable according to competitive athletic calendars. Jobs has always been a horse girl.

From bringing carrots to her sister’s barn, she began to take pony lessons at age six. Although she traveled for show jumping competitions during summers and spring breaks, her parents encouraged her to prioritize school.

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