What Non-Star Wars Films With Mark Hamill Are Worth Watching?

Mark Hamill is a universally-loved actor, voice actor, and writer. He is, of course, most famous for playing the iconic role of Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise. There has, however, been a lot more to his career than that.

Hamill would be the first to admit that he's appeared in some terrible movies, but some of his non-Star Wars flicks are well worth a watch, whether or not you're a big fan of his. In this piece, we'll take you through a dozen of Mark Hamill's best non-Star Wars movies.

Village of the Damned (1995, directed by John Carpenter)

This movie isn't great, but its cast of Hamill, Christopher Reeve, and Kirstie Alley makes it watchable.

Midnight Ride (1990, directed by Bob Bralver)

Some of the acting in this movie is terrible, but Hamill's over-the-top performance as the insane hitchhiker undoubtedly makes it worth a watch.

Britannia Hospital (1982, directed by Lindsay Anderson)

Hamill plays Red, a member of the media covering the events taking place in the movie. His character is typically larger than life, especially when he gets high on magic mushrooms.

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia (1981, directed by Ronald F. Maxwell)

Hamill plays Conrad, a state trooper who shows concern for the sister as her brother ignores her in favor of alcohol and women. He does a great job, and this movie offers a charming glimpse into small-town life in the United States.

The Big Red One (1980, directed by Samuel Fuller)

It's a brilliant movie with an ensemble cast that includes Robert Carradine and Siegfried Rauch. Hamill is excellent as Private Griff, a loyal member of the sergeant's team.

Corvette Summer (1978, directed by Matthew Robbins)

Hamill plays the teenager, Kenny Dantley, in what was his first screen appearance after the surprise success of Star Wars the previous year.

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