What Rights Do Employees Have During Weather Emergencies?


Imagine employees at work trapped in the office due to a winter storm. 

There's nothing they can do about it. This might sound like the plot from a recent Netflix movie, but it's what happened to many employees just days before Christmas.

Employee Stranded at Work on TikTok

One employee in Buffalo, NY, documented her experience on TikTok. @716cargirl shared a video of extreme winter weather outside her job. Heavy snow piled up, and strong wind gusts made it difficult to see.

The caption read, “POV: The management at my job, after not sending us home before the storm got this bad & now we are stuck here.” 

She then posted an update. The caption read, “We are still here, and we have food, water, blankets, and pillows. We are staying here until it clears up or we get a break from this wind.” 

This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Unfortunately, it might not be the last. But it does bring to mind one question. What rights do employees have during weather emergencies when they're already at work?

Why don't employees leave when it's still safe? That's a common question. There are many reasons.

The Right To Leave

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