When is the Best Time to Buy a TV?

Looking for deals is what makes shopping fun. The bigger the sale, the better, similar to the thought – the bigger the TV, the better!

Considering the ideal times to purchase a television, today, we will unveil the three best time periods each year to do so. Additionally, you will learn how to save money in the TV buying process while also getting the most bang for your buck!

Super Bowl Season

New models come out in early spring, and with the holidays now long gone, TV retailers use the Super Bowl as a marketing opportunity to offload old stock and sell as many TVs as possible.

Spring Time

Like how you can scoop up a brand new car – just last year’s model – the same is true for TVs. Looking to unload their overstock from the year before, many big-box retailers offer specials for last year’s models. 

Black Friday

Black Friday is almost synonymous with TV deals! Seriously though, go to a Walmart or hit up Cyber Monday, and you will be bombarded with amazing TV deals the day after Thanksgiving!

Other Ways to Save Buying a TV

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