Where Is My Tax Refund Check? – Tax Refund Tracking

You may be wanting to spend your tax refund on bills, investments to build your net worth or even a smart home gym. 

We will look at the steps needed to track your federal tax return, state tax return, and stimulus check. 

When Should I Expect My Refund?

The IRS issued most tax refunds within 21 days of receipt unless errors or a thorough review are required. 

Covid Related Operational Delays

In general, if there are delays past 21 days, your return requires special handling or extra information. Watch out for online updates or a notice in your mail. 

Where's My Federal Tax Refund?

The first step in tracking your Federal tax refund is to ensure that the IRS received your Federal income tax return. Whether you filed by mail, using e-filing software, or through a tax-preparation service like Turbotax, you can check if your return was received by signing into your online IRS account. 

Check the Status of Your Refund Using the ‘Where's My Refund Tool

The IRS has a great online tool to help you keep track of your federal tax refund. You will need to input critical information, such as your Social Security number, filing status, and the exact refund amount from your filed return.