Where to Buy Hot Wheels:

9 Best Places

Like Pokemon and other trading cards, Hot Wheels cars are collectible items with a major fanbase worldwide. Collectors often look for the rarest Hot Wheels cars and will spend years building their collections. 

You can buy these tiny detailed toy cars at most major stores across the United States. There are also online hobby stores that often have some rarities in their collection. You can, of course, buy Hot Wheels directly from Mattel too.

Without further ado, here are seven of the best places to buy Hot Wheels, both online and offline:

In fact, Target has a large section explicitly dedicated to Hot Wheels cars. This means that it sports a nice variety of these toys. These include seasonal models, specialty releases, and collections released that year or in previous years.


Walmart is probably the best place to buy Hot Wheels offline. It boasts an extensive array of Hot Wheels car models that vary according to season. It also carries specialty models and sets.


As any Hot Wheels collector worth their salt knows, eBay is the best place to find rare and vintage car models and specialty sets. In fact, eBay is a collector’s haven — sporting everything from Pokemon collectibles to Magic the Gathering and Yu Gi Oh cards.


The online retailer sells thousands of Hot Wheels toys, including individual track pieces, entire track sets, specialty models, seasonal and annual releases, and much more.


Best Buy is also an excellent place to buy single Hot wheel models and sets online and offline. The prices are a tad in the higher range compared to other retailers. But they carry a good selection of seasonal and specialty models and tracks.

Best Buy

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