5 Legit Ways To Get Milk Crates for Free

1. Ask for Free Milk Crates at Grocery Stores

It is true that grocery stores still use their plastic crates. Chances are they will not hand you over everything they have, but sometimes these crates start to pile up. 

2. Convenience Stores Might Give You Free Milk Crates

Although the store may use these for a variety of their own storage purposes, they will probably have more than they can use. Instead of wasting the crates, they may be more than willing to give you the extra plastic crates. 

3. Restaurants Sometimes Have Milk Crates

If you happen to frequent a local restaurant, be sure to check there first. Restaurants always like to help out their loyal customers. 

4. A Caterer Near You

Caterers tend to use crates when they are transporting from their main location to an event’s location. Caterers may buy crates or collect them over time, but sometimes they will have leftovers that they don’t need.

5. Craigslist

If you are looking for crates, you can simply post that you are interested, and people can respond directly to you with free crates they may have. If you don’t see any for free, some could be listed for a low price. 

Places To Buy Cheap Milk Crates

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